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Mon 01 Feb 2016

EON is the first of the big 6 to lower prices this year plus launched one the UKs cheapest fixed energy deals

With public pressure mounting for the big 6 energy companies to lower prices EON is the first not only to lower prices for its standard variable price for gas but has also launched a new fixed price.

Mark Todd, co-founder and director of energyhelpline commented, “It’s a case of better late than never. But as they also launch a fixed price tariff at £783 a year for an average home, the gap to their standard product at £1,057 is vast – £274 to be exact – and shows to get a big price cut you need to ditch a standard product and switch. A £274 saving is enough to heat the average home for 6 months!
“The truth is that UK standard energy tariffs are crazily expensive. If you want a cold home and a big bill stick with the other 70% on a standard tariff. If you want a reasonable price and a warm home you just have to take a few minutes to switch. It’s the ruthlessness of the market, if you don’t shop around, you will get ripped off.”
“Two of the Big Six suppliers have now passed on standard price cuts, so this may prompt the rest to stop dragging their feet and pass on fairer deals to consumers. A domino effect is likely to follow but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a price war – it isn’t – these are just token gestures. “
“Suppliers could be doing much more for their loyal customers. The price cuts are minuscule compared to the huge falls in wholesale gas and electricity prices. Suppliers are not passing on even half the savings they appear to be making.”

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